TFLOW Investment Pools

Dear TFLOW Holders, in this section we wish to share more details about the TFLOW Investment Pools. This service is going to be based on tokenization technology and to be more specific we are going to offer Security Token Offering Services.

We are going to analyze how the investment pools are going to work and also what kind of services and assets are going to be tokenized through the TFLOW Platform.

Security Token Offerings are becoming a turn key solution for Companies and Entrepreneurs that wish to raise money from micro investors. A micro investor is now able to invest in several industries by purchasing the relevant Security Tokens. The Issuers of the Tokens share all details with the micro investors as for the type of token and what the benefits are going to be. There are three common types of security tokens such as Debt, Equity and Revenue Share Tokens. The Issuer will also define the duration of the Token lifecycle and also the benefits that this token is going to offer.

All micro investors must register on a platform and go through KYC and AML procedures before being admitted into the system and being able to purchase the Security Tokens with FIAT or Crypto.

The main benefit of an STO for the micro investor is the fact that he/she is able to participate in an investment with a minimum ticket when if wanting to invest in a bond or an asset they will have to invest a large sum or buy the entire property/asset.

Now when it comes to Companies that will be the Security Token Issuers the benefits are multiple. The main advantage is the ability to insert crowd funding into their operations and source money from multiple investors in a short period and having the option to either share revenue, equity and debt if selected.

Of course, before issuing a Security Token there are multiple procedures as for the legal part. The type of asset, the jurisdiction and other factors must be taken into consideration before issuing a Security Token. We offer a 360 Service to the Companies that will select to work with us on tokenizing their services or assets.

Our main focus strategically as for the Investment Pools is to offer multiple options to our Investors for investing in different industries and reducing the risk of receiving reduced returns. We all know very well that the Crypto Market is volatile.

The main industries that we are focusing on are:

  • Real Estate
  • Shipping
  • Yachting
  • Debt Financing
  • Trade Financing for Export Companies
  • Technology Companies
  • Energy Projects

In the next months we will start introducing the first Investment Pools that we are going to launch.

If you are a Company that wishes to tokenize their assets, please fill in the form below and we will contact you for further details about the process and costs.

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