Dear TFLOW Holders and Friends. From the 1st Day of our campaign we have been discussing about the TFLOW Bots. For this reason, we decided to prepare a detailed presentation of our Bots and how these are working right now.

We used our experience in technical analysis and trading as research in order to understand how the market works when it comes to spot trading. A lot of parameters have changed from the early days of the Crypto Market. One of the main factors that has changed is the presence of Trade Bots inside the exchanges. Another factor that changes the game is the Trade Bots that are used from Crypto Funds and Whale Investors. These Bots are designed to split large orders into multiple smaller orders that are presented as retail orders.

One more important problem when it comes to trading is human psychology. The Micro Investor does not have the right mindset and is eager to profit and is the 1st to be quickly disappointed when the market drops.

When it comes to Trading View there are a lot of useful indicators and algorithms that can come in hand. But one important fact is that each coin is a different case. Not all indicators can work properly in every coin. If you want to create something solid you have to focus on each coin independently. And another successful tactic is to combine the best indicators to create a Hybrid Algorithm for each coin.

So, what is the ideal trading tactic? Before we cover this topic, it is important to realize that there is no perfect algorithm that can open a trade at the final bottom and exit a position at the highest point. When someone is looking at a diagram it is easy to speculate but when it comes to taking a decision when you are in the market it is only then that you realize the truth.

One important tactic is to know when to take your profits. Another important tactic is to sell at the beginning of a sell off and do not try to catch the falling knife. Finally, the best feeling is to be able to rely on a third party to make this happen as human emotions tend to lead to the wrong decisions. One more important virtue in trading is patience. This is why a medium-term strategy is the way to go. But what does medium strategy mean? It means that you might trade only 3-4 times in a period of six months or longer? Sounds boring? It may be but this strategy wins.

Taking all the above into consideration we decided to focus on 15 Coins. BTC.ETH.BNB,FTM,LUNA,NEAR,MATIC,AVAX,AXS,VET,ENJ,SAND,EGLD,SOL andTHETA.

The TFLOW Algorithm powers the 15 TFLOW Bots and also analyzes the market. The Market Performance is split into 6 Phases.

1) Healthy market in an uptrend
2) Healthy market consolidating
3) Healthy market deteriorating
4) Dangerous market downtrending
5) Dangerous market consolidating
6) Dangerous market recovering

Now, depending on your Investor Profile, you can choose when to receive trade signals and when not. What we suggest to our Holders is to follow the signals only during Phase 1 & 2. These are the settings of our TFLOW Retail Algo in Trading View. Our Telegram Channel is providing signal in Phases 1,2,5 and 6. But again, we strongly suggest that our Holders are patient and open positions during Phases 1 & 2.

When the TFLOW Platform and App are available the TFLOW Bots will be available as Trading Accounts where our Users will be able to allocate their funds per TFLOW Bot.

Below you can see the performance of our Bots with two different set ups for the period 1/1/2021 to 28/2/2022

Hodl: Performance if you just held the coin

Bot: Bot performance

Total Trades: The number of trades that were executed during the period

%Profitable: The performance rate

Hodl Max loss: The maximum drawdown that you experienced when just holding the coin

Bot Max loss: The maximum drawdown that the Bot experienced when trading

No Winning Trades: Number of winning trades performed

No Losing Trades: Number of losing trades performed

Of course as you can easily realize when we have a bull market no algorithm can perform better than the hodl strategy. But the TFLOW Bots will certainly ensure that you will get a piece of the pie and also as you can see in the right column you will avoid the psychological pressure of a drawdown.

All the above are only our initial RnD and we intend to deepen our research and improve this technology and this is the reason we ask for your support through our presale. We hope that this article clarifies a lot and we are always at your disposal for answering your questions at

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