Index Investing

TradeFlow is a cryptocurrency that focuses in simplifying the access to multiple type of crypto services. In addition, Blockchain Technology is leading the way to a new digital economy but users struggle to follow the multiple innovations. Above all TradeFlow mission is to become the bridge between different kinds of crypto investing. Firstly, this will happen though our unique back to back smart contracts. Secondly the Users will deposit their stable coins and they will be able to instantly invest in multiple assets. Thirdly the Users will also be able to invest in Real Economy Assets and Services. In addition Shipping, Yachting, Real Estate and Energy are the ones that we believe have the greatest potential and interest. We invite you to join the TFLOW ecosystem and benefit from our smart innovation strategy.

Index Investing. Our platform will have interconnections with Tier 1 Exchanges and offer you the opportunity to invest with one click in specific Cryptocurrency Indexes. For Instance you may not know exactly where to invest or make a decision about which Coin is going to perform better. This is why we will create Indexes for Top Cryptocurrencies in specific categories. These categories will be Blue Chips, Smart Contracts, DeFi, NFT’s, Meta and others. The lists will renew automatically and your portfolio will rebalance automatically.

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Invest with one click on top crypto asset classes. Blue Chips, Smart Contracts, DeFi, NFT’s and many more available through your dashboard.

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