Crypto Lending

TradeFlow is a cryptocurrency that focuses in simplifying the access to multiple type of crypto services. In addition, Blockchain Technology is leading the way to a new digital economy but users struggle to follow the multiple innovations. Above all TradeFlow mission is to become the bridge between different kinds of crypto investing. Firstly, this will happen though our unique back to back smart contracts. Secondly the Users will deposit their stable coins and they will be able to instantly invest in multiple assets. Thirdly the Users will also be able to invest in Real Economy Assets and Services. In addition Shipping, Yachting, Real Estate and Energy are the ones that we believe have the greatest potential and interest. We invite you to join the TFLOW ecosystem and benefit from our smart innovation strategy.

This is an innovation we are proud of. Modern Crypto Users do not have the time to explore multiple platforms and spend a lot of their crypto for transferring fees in order to go after the best returns. For this reason, we introduce the back-to-back smart contracts. You lock your Coins in our wallet and our AI protocol selects and transfers funds or allocate our already deposited funds in third party platforms in order to secure the best returns for you. You get to pay zero transaction fees.

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We introduce for the 1st time back-to-back lending smart contracts. You deposit your Coins to the Lending Wallet and we choose the best lending opportunities to invest in third party platforms.

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