Instructions Page

Dear All,

In order to be able to receive our tokens please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Install the Metamask Wallet. Here is the link: (double check the number of users that have downloaded to make sure it is the original wallet)

Here is the Metamask Site:

Step 2: Set up your wallet and do not forget to write and save your Recovery Phrase!!

Step 3: Add the Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask Wallet. Here is the link with the instructions:

Step 4: Make sure you have selected the Smart Chain as network and select import tokens.

Step 5: Fill in

Press here to add TFLOW to your MetaMask wallet.

Token Contract Address: 0x00ee89f7f21b60b72dd5d4070a4310f796c38c32

Token Symbol: TFLOW

Token Decimal: 18

Step 6: Fill in the Order form here. Do not forget to tick the box Create an Account. Once you complete this process log in to your account by going to this page. Once you are logged in refresh the page one time and click on the link to get verified. Reset your password here:

Step 7: Send your USDT or BUSD to your Metasmask Wallet. Send BNB of little value (15USDT) first and then send BUSD or USDT to your wallet.

If you do not see BUSD in your account add it manually check this link 

Next step is to send us your USDT or BUSD to our wallet.  Do not send us USDT or BUSD from an exchange account we will not be able to verify your address. If you do so send us a screenshot of the withdrawal page.

Step 8: Once you pass the KYC send your USDT from your Metamask Wallet to:

USDT (ERC-20) 0x4c8D7775286e255bB26a63Ce17c9c99D69fD3cB9

You can also send BUSD (BSC) 0x4c8D7775286e255bB26a63Ce17c9c99D69fD3cB9

Step 9: Send us through our contact form a message with the address you deposited your USDT from and the address you want us to send the TFLOW to.

Step 10: You will receive your TFLOW in your Metamask Wallet.

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