How it works

What is TradeFlow?

TradeFlow is a Coin that simplifies the way wealth is generated by different blockchain protocols. In a sea of unknown Coins it is difficult for the common user to identify real value. Even in cases that the user is interested in a Coin or Platform the lack of time does not leave space for opportunity.

TradeFlow is going to change this since through the platform the Users will be able to invest in multiple blockchain protocols and technologies with a single touch. Furthermore TradeFlow is going to offer the ability to invest in real market assets.

Last but not least TradeFlow is introducing a new model of mining the Proof of Trade. TradeFlow Coins are going to be generated each time the Trading Bots of the Platform produce profits for the Users.

How the Token Works

Find out what is TradeFlow all about.

A Wealth Generator

TradeFlow is a next gen Smart Coin that uses AI to learn how to create wealth. This happens through Algorithmic Trading. Our AI scans the market to spot the change in the market sentiment and adjusts the Trading Strategy accordingly. The Platform is paid for the successful trades but the Users get TFlow Coins in return.

In order for a new User to join the platform and access the services they must hold at least 20% of their portfolio in TFlow Coins. Furthermore, the TradeFlow Platform is going to have its own exchange to ensure that TFlow coins are traded with safety and equality. No pump and dumps no whale investors.


Development Stages

A Wealth Generator that simplifies value creation from crypto technologies and real market assets


The performance of each service is always visible through the blockchain analytics.

Decentralized Platform

Decentralization and equality at its best. The Coin Holders have the keys to generate value.


The TradeFlow Exchange will make sure that each and every User has an equal chance to benefit.

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